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Dr Ananta Kolesky


Specialising in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma injections), IV nutritional infusions, Integrative Cancer Care and Functional Medicine. 

Hi, I'm Dr Ananta Kolesky, I was born and raised in South Africa, where I did my primary medical degree at the University of the Orange Free State, before travelling and working in the UK for 2 years.

I've called Australia home since 2003 and live in the Gladstone Region with my beautiful family. Since arriving in sunny Queensland, I have completed the Australian Medical Certificate, attained Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, as well as the post-fellowship qualification Generalist Emergency Medicine. I have also completed the Australasian Certificate of Anti-Ageing Medicine along with multiple courses in hormone compounding, skin cancer surgery, integrative medicine, Biobalance and many other fields. I've had many years experience in Emergency Medicine and General Practice, and have been a Gladstone local since 2008.

I have developed and nurtured a special interest in functional, preventative and anti-ageing medicine with a focus on gut health, as I view this as the cornerstone of well-being. My other passion is that of hormone balancing and restoration. This includes sex hormones, compounded bio-identical hormone replacement for both men and women, as well as thyroid and adrenal health issues. This, of course, goes hand in hand with sleep, stress, diet and lifestyle management.

If you are suffering from mental health, or focus and attention issues, but would prefer a more natural approach than antidepressants, we offer bio balance testing and treatment, specifically formulated for you to address your underlying biochemistry. Medicinal cannabis has also shown great promise as a treatment option in this space, as has herbal treatments with significant amounts of evidence to support their use and efficacy.

I strongly believe that functional and integrative medicine is not only the way of the future, but that getting to the root of the problem is ultimately the only way in creating wellness.

I have been practising in the exciting field of PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma injections, and its use in Regenerative Medicine since 2017. It is a process whereby the patient’s own blood is drawn, processed and then used to help the body heal itself - please watch the videos on this website for more information on how this works.

At Vitality Solutions, we offer Intravenous (IV) Nutritional infusions that can be used to treat a range of conditions, ranging from improving your well-being or supporting your cancer journey, to a range of other conditions. To find out more click here.

I have a special passion for Integrative Cancer Care. It is a combination, or an alternative to conventional treatments that aims to attack the disease itself. At the same time, evidence-based therapies help combat cancer related side effects. The two together, conventional cancer treatments and supportive therapies, delivered simultaneously – that’s integrative cancer care.

As part of our integrative cancer care we offer Onconomics testing, which looks at circulating tumour cells (CTC) quantity and immunophenotyping, this means that we can determine the following characteristics of your specific cancer:

  • Whether it is sensitive or resistant to Radiotherapy or Hyperthermia  
  • Chemosensitivity/Chemoresistance of cytotoxic drugs, the drugs that your oncologist can use if you choose to do chemotherapy or immunotherapy.
  • targeted therapies
  • and natural substances and plant extracts 

This is an empowering way of taking control of a disease that fills most people with fear and uncertainty, giving you back some control in choosing your treatment options based on your individual type of cancer. This is applicable to people who have had cancer in the past, or who currently have active cancer, irrespective of the stage and degree.

We also offer skin cancer checks, and for most cancers, the surgery or treatment that it requires. If it falls outside our scope of practice or ability, we will happily refer to a Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon.

Our cosmetic treatments are a beautiful, natural way to boost your skin's collagen production and reverse the signs of aging. We offer treatments with the Vital Injector and can customise your skin treatment based on your needs and budget. It gives beautiful natural looking results and our feedback from patients has been fantastic. The procedure is very well tolerated and topical local anaesthetic is applied prior to the treatment. Read more about our Cosmetic Treatments

I am very proud to have started Vitality Solutions and hope that by treating each patient as an individual, and personalising their medicine, it will enable them to live their best life possible. Don’t just have a life expectancy, have a health expectancy as well! It is never too late to make the change to better health.

We hope to see you soon.

Dr Ananta

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